Artists Statement

   Themes in my art seem to be elusive....although they are indeed there. Most of the time, this does not become apparent until retrospect. I paint what I feel, so the paintings are driven by the moment. Over the years, I have seen patterns emerge.

I do not try to reproduce nature. I try to distill, and refine to convey an idea or universal truth. The manifestation becomes an object in and of itself, decorative, as well as subjective. Hopefully this reaches a truth that is comprehensible by all. I am intrigued by the early primitive and tribal art. If such a spiritual connection to form and ideal is possible, then, this is what I strive for.

   I love art of all kinds, painting, sculpture, music, drama, and literature. I find that I equally enjoy works by great artists as well as works by hobbyists. Expression is of the utmost importance, not technical skill. Technique and skill can be learned, and anyone can produce works of photographic quality. A true artist is more than a good technician. His expression transcends the boundaries of culture and time by tapping into a primal part of the human consciousness.


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