3d and Digital Art Links - Links to digital artists and 3d animators

Tatieva- A french artist who paints lovely ladies.

Martina Shapiro - Contemporary figurative paintings.

Colin Bailey- Oil paintings of nudes

Bryce Brown - Bold figurative paintings with strong line, colour and texture, capturing the essence of human form.

Charles Keenan - inspiring romantic figurative painter

Ron Gang - The light, color and spirit of Israel's Negev Desert. Oil paintings.

Art Deco Society of Washington - a nonprofit organization established to foster public awareness and appreciation of the Art Deco period


10000 Paintings on the Web
Directory of paintings

Top Figure Drawing & Painting Sites

New international top site of the visual arts

Super Beauty

Top 100 Woman Artists



Fine Art Web Galleries

Art History - resources on the web - A site that lists links to nearlly all of the great art throughout history

CGFA - a huge index of fine artist with high quality masterpiece photos

Mark Hardens Artchive - another index of fine artists including well written essays.

Web Gallery of Art - over 9,200 digital reproductions of European paintings and sculptures created between the years 1150 and 1800

Figure Drawings and Portraits - figure drawing - painting reference page and index


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